Liberal Government is Bringing Back 'Court Challenges' Program

The new Justice Minister has a directive in her mandate to bring  back the Court Challenges Program. The Canadian Bar Association wrote to the former Conservative government regarding their rationalization for the elimination of the program on the basis that it did not provide 'good value for money'. "With respect, this rationale fundamentally misconstrues the purpose and operation of the program.” 

“All of us have a gender, a first language, a race, a nationality, a sexual orientation, and certain physical and mental abilities, among other things. Striking down discriminatory laws alleviates the historical disadvantage experienced by vulnerable groups. A more egalitarian society benefits us all.”

Without the assistance of the Court Challenges Program, there is a real risk that these rights will simply become “rights on paper.” 

Claimants who have benefited from the program include the disabled, French-speaking minority groups, victims of sexual assault, aboriginal groups and homosexuals, the letter said. “Characterizing these groups as ‘third parties’ suggests an ‘us versus them’ mentality that has no place in Canadian society."


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